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Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform yourself and reach your body and fitness goals. Sign up to our 6 Week transformation plan to become a better version of yourself.

Our previous challenges have been a great success, we have helped men and women achieve their wellness goals, they all successfully transformed themselves mentally and physically. We are launching THE 6 WEEK CHALLENGE but this time we are excited to make it bigger and better than before.






"Gemma has been a true inspiration to me throughout this 6 weeks challenge. By creating this challenge with other like minded women we have embraced a supportive community spirit. Personally, Gemma has equipped me with the right tools to connect my mental well being to a positive physical outcome. My dedicated plan covering nutrition and training has transformed me. I realise i can still enjoy good food but in the right portion that fuels my body. I feel stronger everyday i train and look forward to every session as i know it will be a go hard or go home session
Gemma epitomises wonder woman and leads by example , i look forward to the next stage and the process of becoming a BETTER ME, so glad I said yes!"

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"When I first started the challenge with Gemma I was getting comfortable with where I was with my running, it is became apparent that I didn't believe in myself. The training sessions with Gemma helped give me the push I needed along with Gemma's support. Throughout the 6 weeks I have become more disciplined with my food intake and my attitude towards exercise has changed completely. I now have the confidence to push myself out of my comfort zone, knowing that I can achieve my goals that I set for myself, I'm now running further and pushing myself even more in workout classes."




The challenge helped me understand what exercises work well for me and With My 1:1 sessions and personalised plans it quickly saw me seeing results and made me even more enthusiastic to keep going. I've always used exercise as an outlet but this challenge helped my body make the changes i had craved for years

I struggle sticking to a nutrition plan and still need to get my mind to engage fully into this as food has always been a comfort

The support from the group has been amazing, the energy in the classes, the cheering during the challenges and knowing your all going through this together unites you. Going to the gym and being more healthy can be tough and lonely but doing this with others and having such a supportive team really made this experience easier.


You will be part of a private group on facebook. Not only will you receive support nd motivation from our coaches but you will also be cheering, motivating each other along too. This community will also develop as you all progress.


Your training plan is constructed based upon your current fitness levels, doesn't matter if you're an advanced or a newbie to exercise, we put these workout plans together and make them challenging and enjoyable.


You will receive a customised diet plan. Everyone has their likes and dislikes when it come to food. The plan will be customised for you by one of our transformation coaches. 


We will be there to support and motivate you through the 6 weeks, you will have weekly check-ins, learn new things and you will also have the opportunity to ask us things too. We are there to help you get the results that you want.

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